A Seussical Takedown of Emperor Trump

Satire Exposes Serious Truths About Trump Administration


David Hightower is currently a stay at home dad to his five and three-year-old boys, Bodhi and Finn. A self-described political junkie, he has previously worked for the California State Assembly and has a BA in political science from UC Berkeley.


Q: What Inspired you to write the book

A: I knew there were other people out there, like me, who struggle with the daily circus act coming from the Whitehouse. I wanted to provide a little levity; enable people to laugh at their presidential frustrations. As a matter of fact, the inspiration to write this book was born out of pure frustration.

Q: Why did you choose to write a Seussical format:

A:  I have literally spent hundreds of hours reading Dr. Seuss (and other rhyming children’s books) to my boys, and sometimes now think in rhyme. When I read a tweet Mango Mussolini had written in rhyme, I was incensed and decided to do something about it. I saw his childish tweet and raised him a full-on rhyming indictment of his presidency.


Q: What else are you working on?

A: I am working on another satire about the hypocrisies of the Republican Party. Written and illustrated in a similar format, this book attempts to highlight the inconsistencies of Conservatives in Washington.


Darren Nelson is a Bay Area artist and musician


Q: What Inspired you to illustrate this book?

A: I made my decision after a few beers, a few laughs, a great in-depth conversation about beliefs, family, morals & politics, and a debate with a Trump supporter. Until then, I hadn’t the time or patience to draw a book. This became the perfect time to hone my skills.

Q: What was the most challenging image and why:

A:  Most of the images were fairly easy as the stanzas spoke directly to me. The "pussy grabbing" image was my favorite. I met that vulgar phrase by our president with an image that is not so.   (don’t know what this means:  like this because when a devote Christian or Trump supporter may turn their nose up or consider it to be too "risqué," it's not my fault! lol


Q: What else are you working on?

A: I design logos, advertisements, posters and t-shirt designs for businesses and bands across the country. I am also working on a rock opera, “The Riverside Kings", which includes an illustrated book and album.