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The Sun Also Sets

A Seussical Indictment of Trump

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About Us

We're just a couple of regular guys who, like so many millions of Americans, are FED UP with our current commander-in-chief and all that he represents. After two years of grief painfully cycling through us, we finally said enough is enough and created this book as a means to move beyond this soap opera and begin the emotional healing process. We only hope it will do the same for our fellow disenchanted Americans!!



We are donating a percentage of sales to non-profits that are currently under fire from this administration. 

Special Thanks

  • Sandy & Steve Mays

  • Luisa Shah

  • Ali Brandt

  • Anand Shah

  • Asmita Jina & Ishaan Swarup

  • Elaine Cassell

  • Inez Bailey

  • James Mcle

This book was possible due to the contributions of the following people. We are so grateful you were on board with us early on. Your support made this possible!

  • Jennifer Reed

  • Jereon van den Berg

  • Michael Maziarz

  • Nalini Trivedi

  • Rajiv Shah

  • Saman Rejali